4 Causes of Dental Pain

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4 Causes of Dental Pain

Toothache: Why is tooth hurting so much?

Dental pain can become very intense and completely prevent us from living a healthy life. If you are suffering from severe pain in one of your teeth, read on to find out what the cause may be.

Most common causes of dental pain

1. Caries

As tooth decay destroys the enamel and extends into the tooth. If it is not treated in time, it can cause pain, infection, or even tooth loss.

2. Dental abscess or phlegmon

A dental abscess or phlegmon is caused in most cases by the proliferation of bacteria within the pulp chamber of the infected tooth. The infection progresses and drains through the tip or apex of the tooth root. The pressure exerted by the infection on the surrounding tissues causes inflammation and pain that can be very severe if not treated properly. Most dental abscesses can be detected through a clinical examination and a dental x-ray.

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3. Cracked or fractured tooth

Trauma or the pressure that is so high when biting a hard object (ice cube, bone piece, etc.), can sometimes cause fissure or fracture of the tooth. Symptoms of a cracked or fractured vital tooth include pain when biting or chewing, sensitivity to cold and heat, sensitivity to acidic, and sweet foods.

4. Impacted tooth

A tooth is impacted when another tooth or bone prevents it from being placed in its proper position. The most common cause of the impacted tooth is the lower wisdom tooth. The impacted tooth can produce pressure and pain in the teeth that usually radiates to the jaw and homolateral ear or on the same side. Learn more about the reasons for toothache 

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