5 Reasons for Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

5 Reasons for Tooth Pain

There are different reasons for tooth pain, but here are some of the causes of tooth pain.

Tooth Decay

Also known as periodontitis, periodontal disease is characterized by infection of the tissues that surround and hold the tooth. This disease causes bone loss and gum deterioration. The gum separates from the bone-forming pockets where bacteria proliferate (periodontal pockets). The roots of the teeth are exposed to plaque that causes pain and tenderness. The tooth begins to move when the surrounding and supporting tissues are affected.

Hypersensitive teeth

The dental hypersensitivity is manifested by pain and discomfort in the affected teeth to stimuli such as cold air, food, and cold drinks, etc.

Jaw problems or bad occlusion

Issues in the temporomandibular joint or a misaligned jaw are a frequent cause of pain in apparently healthy teeth.
When your jaw or teeth are not well aligned, the forces that are exerted are not distributed evenly over the denture. There will be teeth or parts of the tooth that will withstand extra pressure, which can cause inflammation and pain in the nerve or periodontium. In some cases, the tooth may become fractured or cracked.

Certain Dental Treatments

When you undergo certain dental treatments, you may experience discomfort or pain for a few hours or days since recovery is not immediate.
The degree of pain after dental treatment varies greatly. It depends on factors such as Type of treatment, general health of the patient, professional expertise, and a long, etc. If the pain does not tend to go away in a few days, see your dentist.

Non-dental causes

Believe it or not, there are times when pain and tenderness have nothing to do with teeth. For example, sinusitis can cause pain in the upper teeth since they are just below the maxillary sinuses.

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