6 consequences of poor dental hygiene

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6 consequences of poor dental hygiene

It is essential to have good dental hygiene. While it is important to brush your teeth, there are important things to do.

Bad breath or halitosis

Having good dental hygiene is the main factor in projecting a healthy image. But if the duties are not fulfilled, we may spend a shameful moment through, among other consequences, bad breath.
The appropriate term is halitosis. It has different causes. Along with inadequate oral hygiene are the presence of tooth decay or excessive use of substances with tobacco.
Similarly, if we do not have proper cleaning with a suitable brush, rinse, and floss, we may not be able to completely eliminate food waste from between the teeth, tongue, and gums.
This is the first step for them to decompose in those corners and facilitate the appearance of bad-smelling breath so characteristic of halitosis. Proper brushing is the most practical solution you can consider.

Stomach problems

If you do not have good dental hygiene, you may not be able to chew food well. And this will eventually have problems for the digestive tract.
Inadequate chewing will go more whole foods to your stomach, forcing your acid to act more strongly. When it works harder, stomach reflux or heartburn may be generated.

Depression due to poor dental hygiene poor dental care

Yes. Poor dental hygiene can lead us to states of depression. It is not an exaggeration because it has severe consequences on our social accomplishments.
An unhealthy denture prevents us from communicating correctly with others in case of phonetic alterations due to the loss of dental pieces. This then becomes social isolation because of shame and fear of rejection.
At that moment, it is when little by little the self-esteem is affected, and of not treating this problem of suitable form, it can advance until plunging us in the depression. Learn more about dental hygiene. 

Habits for good dental hygiene

● Have a healthy diet, low in processed sugars, and high in fiber.
● Opt for water instead of soda drinks.
● Control the consumption of liquids and substances harmful to dental health.
● Visit the dentist on a regular basis for professional cleaning.
● Use a suitable brush.

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