Dental Implants: An Excellent Dental Restorative Option

Dental Implants: An Excellent Dental Restorative Option

November 1, 2020

Unseen circumstances can sometimes cause you to lose a natural tooth. This is not something you can downplay because it is never a good feeling. Traumatic dental injuries are one of the leading causes of tooth loss; however, other circumstances such as tooth decay and infections, periodontal diseases can also lead to the loss of a permanent tooth.

Losing a tooth or teeth tends to distort the balance of nature and affects the functionality of your teeth, your appearance, and your overall dental health. The truth is our teeth can last us an entire lifetime; however, this is not always the case.

The good news is you do not have to live with missing teeth. There are several restoration options available that can help deal with tooth loss and restore your smile.

One of the excellent options we offer within our dental clinic is a tooth implant. You can opt to get a tooth implant to counter and reverse the effects of missing teeth. Dental implants have been transforming several of our patients’ lives, giving them hope and a reason to smile again.

Dental Implants, In a Capsule

Dental implants are commonly also referred to as a root replacement because a dental implant is ideally surgically inserted into your jawbone to mimic the root of your missing tooth. This part of the dental implant is given time to fuse with your jawbone, creating a strong anchor for the artificial tooth replacement mounted on it to complete the process.

A tooth implant mainly consists of three sections:

  • The Implant

Ideally, this is the titanium bit, which is surgically inserted into your jaw bone as a root replacement. Titanium is a biocompatible material, and once it is inserted into your jawbone, it will fuse with your jawbone through the process of osseointegration, resulting in a firmly fixed root portion for your artificial tooth replacement.

  • The Abutment

This part links the implant and the tooth replacement you have selected that will be mounted on the implant.

  • The Prosthesis/Tooth Replacement

This is the visible portion of your implant, which is screwed onto the abutment to crown your dental implant. There are various prostheses to choose from, such as dental crowns, dentures, or bridges. Our dentist will help you choose what works best for you and suits your dental needs appropriately.

The Tooth Implant Process

The tooth implant process can be outlined as follows:

    • The initial step in a tooth implant process will involve you getting a thorough dental examination. This examination aims to ascertain that your teeth and gums are healthy and strong enough to undergo this surgical procedure and check on your jawbone’s health status.

It is important to check on your jawbone condition to ensure that it can handle and support the new implant. If your jawbone mass is insufficient to do so, our dentist may recommend you undergo a bone grafting procedure before getting the implant placed.

  • After our dentist has checked on your dental and bone health and has ruled it as satisfactory, you will be allowed to proceed onto the surgical part of the procedure. During this step, our dentist will surgically place the titanium bit of the dental implant into your jawbone at the location of your missing tooth.
  • After undergoing surgery, you will have to take some time to heal and let the titanium bit fuse with your jawbone before proceeding to the next step in the process. The titanium bit and your jawbone will fuse through osseointegration, a process that can take up to four months.
  • After the implant has healed and fused properly, then the final step can commence. Our dentist will then mount your permanent and customized tooth replacement onto the dental implant’s abutment portion. The tooth replacement maybe a denture, bridge, or customized dental crown.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Here are some of the outstanding benefits of dental implants:

  • They restore your smile and can enhance your appearance. Having missing teeth can negatively impact your smile; dental implants help remedy this dental issue and give you a revamped and improved smile.
  • They restore the chewing and speech functionality of our teeth. This is because they are strongly anchored and designed to feel, function, and look like your natural teeth.
  • They preserve your jawbone by stimulating it and eradicating jawbone loss, a dental issue that arises due to missing teeth.

At Winter Haven Dental, we offer outstanding dental implant procedures. Visit us today, and we will help you restore your smile.