Dental Veneers: The Best Way to Transform Your Smile

Dental Veneers: The Best Way to Transform Your Smile

February 1, 2021

A great smile is an excellent asset to have. That’s why many people undergo cosmetic dental procedures to improve the appearance of their smiles. Among the most common cosmetic dental procedures is dental veneer treatment. In this blog, we will discuss the procedure in detail to help you understand how it can enhance your smile.

What Is a Dental Veneer and How Does it Work?

Dental veneer treatment is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a tooth-colored material to cover discolored teeth or close wide gaps between teeth. When used to cover discolored teeth, the dentist removes a few millimeters of your enamel and replaces it with a tooth-colored material of the same size. He then hardens it with a special light to ensure that it lasts for the longest time.

However, if you choose Lumineers®, the procedure is slightly different. With Lumineers®, the dentist does not need to remove your enamel. These thin tooth-colored shells are placed over the enamel to cover the discoloration. This approach is reversible, unlike the porcelain veneers approach.

How Much Does it Cost?

Typically, the cost of treatment is affected by several factors, including:

  • The location of the dental clinic
  • The extent of your discoloration
  • The type of veneers you choose
  • Your dentist’s experience and the policy of the dental clinic

Averagely, expect to pay between $800 and $2100 per tooth. Remember, most insurance providers do not cover cosmetic procedures. Dental veneers treatment is a cosmetic procedure so expect to cover the cost out-of-pocket.

Dental Veneers Durability

Typically, veneers last for more than ten years. Porcelain is also stain-resistant, so your smile will remain sparkly for a long time.

However, that’s no excuse for you to practice poor oral hygiene. Veneers can still get stained if you continuously take staining foods and drinks without brushing and flossing. Smoking also stains porcelain within a short time.

Unfortunately, the material cannot be whitened. Therefore, if it gets stained, remain with stained teeth. For that reason, quit smoking and avoid staining foods and drinks. Maintain proper oral hygiene too.

Porcelain and ceramic are strong materials, and they will serve you for a really long time. However, they are not as strong as your natural teeth. For that reason, don’t use your veneers to chew nails, pens, pencils, or open things. Such things can chip or break your veneers.

Why Should I Choose Veneers?

The treatment has become quite popular in recent years, and it is because of the many benefits that come with it. Here are some reasons you should choose veneers:

Realistic Appearance

The thin, tooth-colored shells look pretty much like your natural teeth. Once the enamel is removed, the dentist matches the veneer’s color with the color of the natural teeth. Everyone will think it is your natural teeth. In fact, some of these celebrities we see with sparkly smiles use dental veneers.


You must have seen how stain-resistant the material is in our utensils and tiles made of porcelain. That’s how it will resist stains from staining foods. However, you must continue maintaining proper oral hygiene to avoid dental infections and bad breath. Furthermore, the material can still get stained if you continuously smoke and take staining foods.


The treatment will serve you for at least ten years. Some people have used porcelain veneers for more than 15 years without any breaks or tough stains.

Color Versatility

The dentist can customize the color of the veneer to make your smile appear brighter than it normally is.

Ease of Shaping

Veneers are easier to shape compared to other procedures like dental crowns. They are thinner, which makes them quite easy to shape.


  • The treatment is relatively costly.
  • You need to be careful with the veneers since they are not as strong as your natural teeth.
  • The procedure is irreversible. If the dentist gets the shade wrong, that’s it.
  • You will experience increased tooth sensitivity for the first few days.
  • It is not a procedure for everyone.

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