Enhance Your Look Through Natural Teeth Whitening in Winter Haven, FL

Enhance Your Look Through Natural Teeth Whitening in Winter Haven, FL

February 1, 2023

A beautiful smile has the same effect as putting on makeup; It brings out your facial features and makes you look more attractive. Unfortunately, people care about appearances and will often judge you based on your teeth’s appearance. For example, having stained or discolored teeth may give people the idea that you don’t practice good oral hygiene, even though that is not always the case. Fortunately, that can be resolved through dental whitening. We will list common causes of tooth discolorations and how teeth whitening can remove the discolorations for an attractive smile.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a simple dental procedure that involves lightening the shade of teeth to make them look whiter and more attractive. The procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t take long to complete and show results.

Types of Dental Stains

Tooth discolorations can be classified into three different categories: intrinsic, extrinsic, and age-related. The best way to whiten teeth will depend on the type of dental stains you have. We highly recommend professional teeth whitening over over-the-counter whitening products as it’s usually more effective, even against intrinsic stains.

Intrinsic: These are stains located within the tooth, making them challenging to remove via over-the-counter whitening products. They give out a grayish appearance and can be caused by several factors, such as overconsumption of fluoride, cavities, trauma to the tooth, genetics, and taking certain medications.

Extrinsic: Unlike intrinsic dental stains, extrinsic dental strains tend to affect the outer layer of the tooth called the enamel. Common causes of extrinsic dental stains are Tobacco, food, and beverages.

Age-Related: Tooth discolorations can be caused by aging. That is because teeth tend to wear with age and frequent use. This causes the tooth enamel to wear, exposing the yellow shade of the dentin.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

As said earlier, teeth discolorations are not always caused by bad oral hygiene. Below are some of the common causes of teeth discoloration:


Certain types of food and drinks can cause dental stains. Examples of food items that cause tooth discolorations are red wine, tea, coffee, chocolate, and red sauce. In addition, food containing food colors may also cause dental staining.


Tobacco can be taken in many forms; it can be inhaled or chewed. Regular smoking of tobacco products is currently the main cause of teeth discoloration among tobacco users. It’s also worth noting that health problems like cancer are more prevalent among tobacco smokers than none smokers.

Age and Injuries

Teeth become more brittle with age due to the loss of the enamel layer, which is also supposed to protect the tooth from cavities. The more the enamel wears off, the yellower teeth start to look due to dentin exposure. Tooth injuries can also contribute to the yellowish appearance.


Some medications were found to cause teeth discoloration. The Food and Drug Administration found a link between teeth discoloration and taking tetracycline antibiotics as a child. So if you are suffering from permanent teeth discolorations, you may want to check if you had been prescribed this type of antibiotic when young.

Treatment for Teeth Discolorations

Teeth whitening procedures are grouped into 3:

In Office Treatment

This is a one-day teeth whitening procedure that takes place at the dental office. During treatment, our dentist will use a highly concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. This makes the treatment more effective and durable compared to at-home teeth whitening.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

At-home teeth whitening can sometimes involve wearing custom trays made by your dentist. During this teeth whitening process, patients have to wear a tray coated with a gel inside for about an hour for it to be effective.


Over-the-counter whitening products include whitening toothpaste and strips. They are usually effective against surface stains but will struggle to remove intrinsic stains located on the tooth surface.

Enhance Your Teeth via Natural Teeth Whitening

Our dentist in Winter Haven can use many procedures to enhance your teeth’s appearance. But when it comes to professional teeth whitening services, we prefer using natural teeth whitening products over other options since it’s safe and still yield impressive cosmetic results. So if you are looking for the best way to whiten your teeth, consider in-office natural teeth whitening over alternative methods.


Whitening your teeth may be just what you need to regain your confidence. There is no reason to delay teeth whitening treatment since it’s affordable, painless, and takes a short amount of time to complete and start showing results. Visit Winter Haven Dental today for natural teeth whitening and other dental services.