How Can Dental Bridges Help Improve Your Smile?

How Can Dental Bridges Help Improve Your Smile?

November 1, 2021

If you miss one or several teeth, you will likely visit a dentist near you requesting tooth replacement solutions to cover the gaps in your mouth. The dentist will likely provide several solutions to restore the functionality of your mouth and smile. One of the solutions presented by the dentist will likely include dental bridges, a solution you might find suitable for your needs.

Tooth replacement solutions are essential not merely for aesthetic purposes but also to optimize your dental health. Missing teeth in your mouth for too long can result in the shifting of your remaining teeth towards the edentulous gap left by the missing tooth or teeth. The movement of your remaining teeth creates a bad bite which, if it isn’t controlled in time, will require orthodontic treatments at high prices to correct misalignments and malocclusion in your mouth.

In addition to the above missing teeth also cause deterioration of your jawbone because it no longer receives the stimulation it needs from your tooth roots to maintain its stability. Fortunately, bridges near me are an affordable solution for many patients who need to restore their oral health and smile in optimal condition.

The Functioning of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are non-removable dental appliances that dentists fit to replace your missing teeth due to trauma, decay, or aging. Bridges comprise two dental crowns to bridge the space left by the missing teeth with an artificial tooth in between. You can have bridges made from porcelain, gold, and alloys. However, most dentists will recommend porcelain to ensure your dental bridges last long, and the replacements can be shaded to match your unique natural tooth color. In addition, bridges for your teeth are a permanent and comfortable tooth replacement solution.

How Do Dental Bridges Help Improve Your Smile?

The tooth replacement solutions from the bridge dentist restore your tooth functionality. After missing some teeth, you confront challenges chewing foods and speaking because of the empty spaces between your teeth. The challenges make you avoid some of your favorite foods because you cannot chew the foods or must swallow larger chunks. In addition, missing teeth do not allow you to pronounce words clearly and cause you to have a lisp when speaking. However, the bridge dentist in winter haven, FL, can restore your ability to eat your favorite foods and speak clearly while distributing your biting forces correctly.

Dental Bridges Boost Your Oral Health

Are you aware even missing a single tooth is detrimental to your oral health? Besides causing your remaining teeth to shift from their original positions, the shifting also leaves you with misalignment, pain in your jaw and even result in teeth grinding, which by itself causes cracked teeth and fractures needing additional tooth replacement procedures. However, if you approach the West Heaven dentist, they will provide a dental bridge to restore your oral health to a healthier state.

Dental Bridges Beautify Your Smile

Missing teeth can adversely impact your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you have several missing teeth, jawbone deterioration and make you look older than you are or prevent you from socializing with your friends. Thankfully dental bridges can improve the appearance of your smile to make it look beautiful by providing realistic-looking artificial teeth indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

How to Get Dental Bridges That You Need?

You must visit the winter haven dentist to evaluate your teeth and mouth to determine whether you qualify for dental bridges. The dentist examines your teeth and gums to decide whether or not they are sufficiently healthy to support dental bridges. The dentist will also discuss the dental bridge procedure requiring at least a couple of appointments before they can custom create your dental bridges for you. You can also discuss the material for the dental bridges with the dentist if you do not favor porcelain for any reason. However, if you want to restore the natural appearance of your smile and the functionality of your mouth, you must adhere to the dentist’s recommendations because they are experts in the field and provide a solution best suited for your needs.

After getting the dental bridges recommended by the dentist, you must care for the artificial teeth just as you did with your natural teeth. It includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once, especially around the dental bridges, and getting regular exams and cleanings from the dentist to maintain the health of your mouth and the artificial teeth in excellent condition.