How Long Does It Take for Tooth Extractions to Heal?

How Long Does It Take for Tooth Extractions to Heal?

October 1, 2022

If you have experienced toothaches earlier, you understand it can be discomforting. Unfortunately, people suffering from toothaches always have harrowing tales about them, and the discomfort worsens when the only remedy available to find relief from the pain is tooth extraction.

You may think tooth extraction near you is a significant procedure, but occasionally it becomes the sole option. For example, your dentist might recommend removing a tooth for reasons such as tooth decay, trauma, overcrowding, periodontal disease, and impaction.

Regardless of the reason, if you are getting one of several teeth extracted, you will likely wonder how much time you need before the extraction site heals and how to speed the process of your recovery.

How Much Time Needed for the Tooth Extraction Site to Heal?

The time needed for the extraction site to heal completely from a tooth removal depends on the tooth’s location, type, and your body’s healing ability. You generally require between one and three months for the gum tissues and bone to completely heal following the tooth removal procedure. Fortunately, most people report the pain from tooth extractions subsides between one and five days, helping them get back on their feet to feel normal again.

Expectations during the Tooth Extraction Recovery Timeline

Every individual differs in the healing process of the tooth extraction procedure. Some people experience slight discomfort after the procedure, while others report considerable pain. You can expect the following after undergoing the tooth removal procedure.

Initial 24 Hours

Several things happen during the initial 24 hours following tooth removal. The formation of blood clots and stitches in the mouth will help with the healing process. After you extract a tooth from the dentist in Winter Haven, expect some minor discomfort and bleeding during the initial 24 hours. The dentist helps you by providing a prescription or suggesting over-the-counter pain relievers to alleviate the pain.

Within 24 hours after the surgical procedure, you can resume non-strengthening duties like driving or attending office work. However, it would help if you refrained from athletics and physically demanding jobs requiring you to lift heavy objects, making it essential for you to take some time off work to help with your healing.

24 to 48 Hours Following Tooth Removal

The first 48 hours following your tooth removal process require maximum attention because it is a time when your mouth is going through intense healing. As a result, you can expect some bleeding and stiffness around the removal site.

72 Hours After Tooth Removal

After approximately three days, the edentulous tooth socket recovers to the maximum. You should not experience any further bleeding but might notice minor swelling. While you might experience some tenderness and soreness, the pain or discomfort disappears within 72 hours.

One Week after Tooth Removal

The blood clot formation completes within seven to ten days. If you have stitches in the mouth that are non-dissolving, the dentist in 33881 removes them. However, if the stitches are self-dissolving, they will disappear by themselves. If you experience any discomfort bleeding beyond this point, contact your dentist to inquire whether you must schedule a follow-up appointment.

Two Weeks Following Tooth Removal

The tooth socket would have recovered by the end of two weeks. However, the tissue around the extraction site will remain tender and sensitive. Therefore, you must avoid chewing hard foods near the tooth removal site and exercise caution when brushing the tissue. Although the tooth socket appears nearly healed, injuries and infections or damaging the new gum tissue formation exist. Therefore you must remain careful to ensure you don’t encourage conditions in the tooth extraction site, making you prone to dental infections needing additional treatments from the dentist.

Three or More Weeks Following Tooth Removal

Three weeks after you extract tooth in New Haven, your recovery is essentially complete. However, you might experience minor sensitivity near the surgical site without experiencing severe pain or bleeding. After 3+ weeks following tooth removal surgery, you must ensure you don’t allow food debris to accumulate in the empty tooth socket, which requires cleaning and flossing as recommended by your dentist, besides irrigating the socket using special tools to eliminate debris if accumulated.

Following the winter haven dentist’s instructions to the word helps speed the healing time after tooth removal. Therefore we suggest you plan for the tooth removal procedure when you schedule your appointment for the extraction.

Winter Haven Dental performs many tooth extraction procedures on many patients after providing them comprehensive information on the healing before the removal. If you must have teeth removed, kindly do not hesitate to visit this practice for the removal and return with advice on how to heal quickly after the removal.