Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Winter Haven, FL

Cavities form over months and sometimes years – they do not form overnight. It takes a long time before they advance to a point where they hurt. Over time, the acidic environment in the oral cavity leads to demineralization of the entire tooth, resulting in a cavity.

The good news is that early-stage tooth decay can be reversed if you visit a dentist in Winter Haven, FL, regularly. Please keep in mind that although they can be reversed in the initial stages, cavities do not disappear on their own. However, the dentist at Winter Haven Dental can correct them before they become worse by placing dental fillings in the gap.

Factors That Affect the Formation of Cavities

Cavities may vary from patient to patient and may be different in size and nature. Several factors affect the formation of dental cavities:

  • Acid levels in the oral cavity: Higher acidity levels may increase the risk of cavity formation. Teeth are extremely strong, but if the same tooth is subjected to repeated acid attacks, it will start to show signs of decay.
  • Location of the tooth: In general, molars and premolars are more susceptible to acid attacks due to the nooks, pits, and grooves that trap food particles. Our dentist near you suggests that enamel tends to be thinner near the gum line than the top of the tooth. Cavities are more likely to form near the base of the tooth.
  • Genetics: If you have a family history of thin tooth enamel, you may be more likely to develop cavities.

Treatment for Dental Cavities

We can treat cavities in several ways by placing inlays and onlays or dental fillings in Winter Haven, FL. Our experienced team will assess your oral cavity for tooth alignment, spacing, quality of enamel, and other factors before determining the best solution for your needs. Please feel free to call Winter Haven Dental for details regarding suitable dental fillings near you.