Tooth Extractions in Winter Haven, FL

Patients worry whenever they’re told they need extractions in Winter Haven, FL. At Winter Haven Dental, we have years of experience, and you know that we’re dentists near you that you can trust. We understand why extractions near you aren’t pleasant. Patients worry about losing their natural teeth, recovery, and having to replace the extracted teeth.

At Winter Haven Dental, we know how to manage all of these stages. Our dentist in Winter Haven, FL, will only recommend extraction if it’s the best or only remaining option. If there’s a way to repair or salvage the affected tooth, we’ll recommend it first.

Why Are Extractions Needed?

Dental extractions are needed when there’s a risk of damage to nearby teeth or distant organs. For example, wisdom teeth are often impacted and have no room to grow. They can lead to overcrowding and dental decay in other teeth. Removing them will help protect your other teeth. When a tooth is infected, we might recommend extraction if it can’t be saved.

Extractions are also done when a tooth is no longer viable. A dead tooth can act as a source of infections in the body. Since it’s not functioning and can lead to infections, there’s more harm in leaving it than in extracting it.

Dental Extractions

The first step of the procedure is to use an adequate level of anesthesia and sedation. We prioritize patient comfort and will make sure that you don’t feel any pain while we extract a tooth. Simple extractions are where we pull on teeth to remove them. These teeth are usually fully erupted and are seen above the gums.

When a tooth is below the gums is impacted, we need to create an incision to perform a surgical extraction. Recovery from surgical extractions can be longer, but we’ll do everything we can to keep you comfortable and speed up your recovery.

We’ll give you instructions on what to do and what to avoid during recovery. If you have any questions, call our office and let us know. We’ll be glad to help.