Teeth in One Day

Teeth in One Day in Winter Haven, FL

There are a lot of problems that can arise with aging. One such issue is the loss of teeth, which leaves a considerable impact on our lifestyle. With new technologies, a new procedure called Teeth in a Day is available to remedy tooth loss.

Our teeth are an essential part of our lives, and they help us to live a quality life by supporting our day to day needs by several means. When older people start losing their teeth, they also start feeling some lack of confidence. Dr. Hamarnah can help these patients with Teeth in a Day treatment.

The main idea behind this treatment option is to provide a reliable solution for dental problems in just a day.

The best part is that this is not just a temporary solution; rather, it is a permanent treatment that allows patients to get back to normal routines.

Moreover, unlike temporary teeth, there is no need to take these teeth out every night; they offer a permanent solution to serve your needs.

How Does Teeth in a Day Work?

Teeth in a day is basically a dental care procedure where all of a patient’s teeth are removed at once using sedation. Then, two or more dental implants are installed into the jaws.

They are well placed on the dental arch while creating an implant bridge in the mouth. Note that the lab prepares a temporary arch, and it is installed into your mouth the next day. You may have to live with this temporary arch for the next six months, and after that, a new permanent arch will be installed.

It is important to wait for six months to give the mouth enough time to heal. With this, it becomes possible to ensure a more reliable fitting of dental implants with easy reconstruction options.

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Our team of experienced dentists and oral surgeons promise you easy and efficient treatment for your dental health. Experts call Teeth in a Day one of the best methods to restore dental health, especially when the patient needs replacement for multiple missing teeth.

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