Should You Go for Same-Day Dental Implants or Not?

Should You Go for Same-Day Dental Implants or Not?

June 1, 2022

Modern dental technology has made it possible for our dentist in Winter Haven to do almost anything to revamp your smile. No longer are tooth extractions the only solution to damaged teeth. What’s more, having missing teeth is not the end of the story. We have a plethora of options that can help bring your smile back to life. Same-day dental implants in Winter Haven are among the top choices for replacing missing teeth.

You can lose your teeth today and tomorrow; you have a new set of pearly whites. Isn’t this amazing? But you must be asking yourself if the procedure is suitable for you. If this is a concern, then continue reading to know the basics about same-day dental implants in Winter Haven.

Same-Day Implants: In a Nutshell

The moment you lose a tooth, you will instinctively feel the urge to replace it. In fact, if it were possible to replace the tooth the same day, it would be much better. These sentiments have echoed through time; that’s why same-day implants exist.

Tooth implants are by far the number one solution for replacing missing teeth because they don’t just replace the crown but also the root. The tooth implants are screw-like posts that are the same size as a tooth root. So, our dentist surgically inserts them into your jawbone to act as a root replacement.

The healing process usually takes several months, meaning that you would have to wait for the same period to receive your permanent teeth. The lengthy healing period has discouraged most people from undergoing the procedure.

However, if you go for same-day implants, you can receive your new set of teeth on the same day. The main difference between traditional and same-day implants is that your gums and bones will heal while you already have your new pair of pearly whites.

In other words, the treatment is very convenient for people who cannot commit to several months of treatment.

How Are They Placed?

Same-day implants rely on the expertise of the dental team and dental technology. If a dental practice lacks any of the requirements mentioned earlier, then there is a high chance of implant failure.

Are you curious about how same-day implants are fixed? If you are, here’s a snippet:

  • Consultation

The process commences with an initial consultation, where our dentist gets to know more about you. Your medical history, preferences, a list of medications, and other health-related issues will be discussed. What’s more, scans and digital x-rays will be taken to check your teeth and jawbone state.

  • Treatment Plan

After the consultation, our dentist will review the scans and then create a customized treatment plan. When the treatment plan is ready, you are set for surgery.

  • Surgery

The surgery begins when you receive sedation to ensure that you are comfortable. Therefore, procedures such as extractions, implant placement, and other surgical procedures will be pain-free.

After the surgery is complete, you can choose to rest in a hotel room while we are making your permanent teeth. Our dentist will contact you once your teeth are ready.

  • Recovery

It takes a few moments for your permanent teeth to be fixed. After the surgery, you have a long road ahead of you. It takes one day to fix the teeth, but complete healing will take place in about five months.

So, for several weeks after the surgery, you will need to acquaint yourself with soft nutritive foods that promote healing. Regular checkups are part of the recovery journey.

Are Same-Day Implants Appropriate for You?

The initial consultation aims to give our dentist the chance to ascertain if you are eligible for same-day implants. Here are the critical factors our dentist is always looking out for:

  • Bone quality – this is critical since implants are placed in the jawbone.
  • Bone depth – an implant is about 10 mm in length, so it means that there’s enough jawbone to secure the implant in place
  • Force on the tooth – the tooth’s location and characteristics in relation to your natural bite are also considered to ensure that your bite force doesn’t damage the implant
  • Health – Your overall health is critical since certain conditions hinder the healing process

If you need more information about how you can get teeth in one day near you, contact us at Winter Haven Dental.