When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

January 3, 2022

A tooth extraction involves the removal of the tooth from its socket. Typically this process is performed by an oral surgeon but can be performed by an orthodontist or general dentist as part of their core skills.

Dentists understand just how important teeth are to the individual as such they have to make a detailed study of the mouth, gums, and teeth before proceeding with the tooth extraction process. The objective of the doctor is to preserve all your teeth. In the case of the need to get a tooth extracted, the aim is always to make it as painless as possible.

Anesthesia is necessary for the process. This makes sure the patient does not suffer from unnecessary pain throughout the procedure. For more intensive procedures heavier anesthesia is required, having the patient completely unconscious during the procedure.

These two types of tooth extractions are namely simple extractions and surgical extractions. Simple extractions are performed using local anesthesia. They are performed where the teeth are visible in the mouth.

Surgical extractions when the patient is under general anesthesia. The dentist typically creates an incision to elevate the soft tissue covering the tooth. In some cases, the tooth is broken up into different pieces to ease its removal.

Tooth extraction ought to be the last dental solution. Make sure you contact a dentist before deciding on having your tooth extracted.

Here Are Some Reasons to Get Your Tooth Extracted

People have two sets of teeth throughout their life, milk and permanent teeth. Milk teeth are the first set the body produces. Typically they fall off in childhood and are replaced by the permanent set. Permanent teeth are ideally supposed to last well into adulthood.

Some of the reasons necessitating the removal of permanent teeth include:

  • Severe decay caused by tooth damage

Neglecting proper dental hygiene can cause tooth decay. This is exacerbated by a diet high in sugar, the sugar left in your teeth decomposes turning into acid that eats at the teeth.

As decay eats at the tooth bacteria thrives, once the bacteria reaches the pulp of the tooth it causes an infection. Its decay may get so severe that the tooth cannot be saved.

In some cases, a root canal can be a viable way to save the tooth. A root canal involves extracting the soft part at the center of the tooth that contains nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. This allows the visible part of the tooth to remain intact while the lower part is essentially dead.

This fixes some of the problems associated with tooth decay such as toothaches, sensitivity to heat or cold foods and drinks, and swelling in the tooth.

A dental clinic in Winter Haven will typically make a careful examination of the tooth and determine where extraction or a root canal is the option depending on the severity of the situation.

  • As a solution to an impacted tooth

Sometimes a tooth can be blocked from coming out by other teeth. Other times gums do not fully erupt which impedes the teeth from coming out. This is typically the case with wisdom teeth removal is recommended.

Tooth extraction in Winter Haven has been used to prevent overcrowding. It is also necessary to prevent damaging other teeth as well as lowers the risk of infection.

  • Periodontal disease

This is an infection that affects the gums, ligaments, and the bone surrounding the teeth. In the earliest stages, it is called gingivitis but the more severe variety affects the ligament and the alveolar bone.

It is caused by the development of the plague which forms after a few hours of eating without brushing your teeth. It may lead to the loosening of teeth which may eventually fall off. An extraction is a viable solution to this problem.

  • As a necessity after an accident

In the case of an accident that damages the teeth, the main objective is to preserve the teeth. Bonding the teeth with bridges or veneers is the go-to solution for many dentists, however, in more severe cases an emergency tooth extraction is necessary where it cannot be avoided.


At Winter Haven Dental our dentist makes sure to make a careful analysis of your teeth to make sure there are other options aside from having an extraction. The goal is always to preserve the teeth you have. In the case of extraction, the process should always be as painless and as comfortable as possible.