Family Dentistry and the Benefits of a Family Dentist

Family Dentistry and the Benefits of a Family Dentist

January 1, 2021

If you don’t have a primary dental care provider, you might have had to go all through your life without regular dental visits unless you have an oral health issue that requires immediate treatments. Without regular dental visits, you might be at risk of developing complications in your mouth that are preventable with early diagnosis.

If you leave some of the dental issues untreated, you might be at risk of experiencing pain, discomfort, tooth loss, and the need for more complex and expensive treatments. If you have a family, you wouldn’t want them to go through the same thing. Therefore, having a family dentist would be beneficial to you’re and your family.

Apart from having a beautiful smile, there are other crucial factors such as oral hygiene, which reduces your chances of tooth decay, gum infections, and general health issues such as cancer and heart disease. Therefore, you should consider family dentistry to improve and promote your family’s dental and overall health.

What Does Family Dentistry Involve?

A family dentist offers all general dentistry services but for people of all ages. Your family dentist can offer services such as:

  • Dental exams
  • Professional dental cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • X-rays
  • Tooth restorations
  • Teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services


By having a family dentist, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Comfort and Relaxation

If you or your child have dental anxiety or phobia, you might dread going for dental visits. Do you have a family member with dental anxiety or phobia? Going for dental exams as a family will help reduce the tension. Your family dentist interacts with you as you make regular visits, which help create a bond and feel more comfortable during dental procedures.

Alternatively, the dentist might recommend sedation dentistry techniques if you have severe dental phobia. The sedatives will make you feel relaxed and comfortable and relaxed and prevent gag reflex during dental procedures.


By having a family dentist, it means there is no member of your family will be left out during dental appointments. Therefore, you don’t have to take off days from work to take your kids to a pediatric dentist and visit another dental clinic for your dental exams.

With a family dentist, you can book an appointment for your whole family at once. As you go for dental check-ups together, your children will adopt the habit which is beneficial for their oral health.

Knows Your Family Dental and Medical History

Lifelong family dentistry enables your family dentist to know about your family’s medical history. Therefore, your dentist will learn about your chronic illnesses that might pose a risk of complications.

With knowledge of your dental and medical history, your dentist can develop a suitable treatment plan for you without any difficulties.

Preventive Dental Care

Your family dentist offers various dental procedures. However, since your child’s teeth are in the development stage, they require specialized care. When you bring your child for dental check-ups, your family dentist will offer preventive dental procedures against tooth decay, wear and tear if they grit their teeth, and gum infections.

If your child needs teeth alignment, the dentist will recommend orthodontic treatments at an early age since the teeth are easier to move.

Long-Lasting Relationship

If you have a family dentist, you create a bond that leads to honesty and openness. Therefore, you will be more open about how you feel and be comfortable talking about dental issues that tend to be embarrassing. Sharing your fears with a trustworthy dentist makes it easier to be open, making it easier for the dentist to diagnose and offer treatments.

Emergency Dental Care

Knowing a dentist near you comes in handy in case of dental emergencies. When you have a dentist, you can trust with your family members; they will be your first call if you have a dental emergency.

The dentist can provide emergency dental care services or link you to an emergency dentist. Therefore, you increase your chances of saving your tooth and prevent further complications.

The Takeaway

To prevent dental issues and promote your oral health and your family’s, you can consider having a family dentist. Are you looking for a family dentist in FL? You can visit us at White Haven Dental and enjoy our services.